Unhealthy Access to the Internet

The divide in the Henley neighborhoods is a micro example of the division in South Africa’s national communications landscape. The story pitted the deep concerns about ‘health and environmental consequences’ against the ‘benefits in cell reception (that) the (proposed Vodacom) mast could have for the nearby farming community and informal settlements.’

The construction of the tower is Vodacom’s response to ‘the growth in data traffic’, as (and if it is attributed to him), Vodacom spokesperson, Mr Byron Kennedy explained.

It is possible that the folks in Kalkgat, Disaneng and Vaalwater would relish the problem between GREAT health and GREAT mobile reception. It is so, however, that they have neither despite the fact that a priority exist in the country ‘to achieve universal service and access to ICTs by all South African citizens.’

Not all health or mobile reception are created equal despite the fact that the ‘growth in data traffic’, which Mr Kennedy so loftily spoke about, is equally or more so the case even in rural South Africa.




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