Brokeness Breeds Brokeness

Describing the world as unstable and volatile, commentators and columnists sometimes point to the past as a need to look differently at the future.

In Education, for example, having been under enormous strain to cope with advances in technology, the view is that “in the past, education was about imparting knowledge. Today, it is about providing students with the tools to navigate an increasingly uncertain world.”

The complexity within this conclusion is that, firstly, it blurs an important  acknowledgement that the past it refers to, is not a common global past. Pockets of excellence in different parts of the world approached education as MORE THAN just the acquisition of knowledge while others reveled in rote learning and somewhere else, proponents probably opted for an approach in between. Secondly, simply ‘imparting knowledge’ was and is a fragmented approach to education. Recent positive examples like Finland is a throwback to models of learning, that date back to some 5000 years BC when connecting knowing with doing was obvious.

The brokeness, instability and volatility in Education are therefore not only as a result of a current fragmented approach to learning, but also a consequence of an already fragmented approach to learning.

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