Rationality, Perspective and Meaning at Roland Garros


The crafty art of complaining and disputing comes naturally to all of us. None of us ever attended a School for the Art of Complaining. Yet, we are cum laude graduates with griping as a major.

These last few days, central and parts of northern Europe have been lashed with torrential rain that resulted in the deaths of at least 9 people. Earlier in the week, the French Open organisers had to cancel an entire day of tennis because of the rain. Many tennis players, especially the ones who lost, complained of the risks to their ankles and careers having been ‘forced’ to play in a drizzle. Meanwhile, nine families will have a great deal more than sprained ankles and dented careers to contend with once the rain subsides and by reports, it won’t be soon.

Sometimes, in the heat of a moment, rationality recedes, perspective perishes and a moment to show commitment to meaning and purpose is lost. Tennis event organizers have great skills, but they cannot make rain. They may exploit the circumstances and stoop to the level of your own moral deficiencies, but they cannot stop the rain. If you cannot understand that, you’ve succumbed to irrationality. The same rain that spoiled your game, devastated a home. If you cannot see that, you’ve lost perspective. Tennis stars always have a chance to let the world know that true champions value life over careers. If you cannot embrace that, then you’ve missed a chance to inspire a commitment to meaning and purpose.

Next time you’re in the heat of the moment, sing in the rain, don’t sob. Inspire us, don’t whine.

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