WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout…face possible regulation in SA

Over-the-top internet services, such as WhatsApp, could be regulated in South Africa depending on the outcome of planned Parliament hearings this month.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.biznews.com

If I was a preacher at the First Church of the Technologians and needed to illustrate the main idea that opposition to innovative communications solutions reveals the greed of mobile service providers, then this story would fit perfectly.

It does not matter whether the consumer is benefitting from the inexpensive nature of the communications solution, if it starts denting the income of the likes of MTN and VODACOM, as this article shows, it will be opposed and they will insist that the service be regulated.

It was quite amusing to me last year (the story is not new) when MTN’s CEO suggested that it was unfair that WhatsApp should benefit from the infrastructure that MTN built.

Well, if you are in Disaneng or in Vaalwater or Kalkgat you will be hard-pressed to find this infrastructure that is supposed to be there.

Furthermore, way back in 1997, major battles were won for the MTNs and Vodacoms against Telkom’s attempt to be the exclusive information service provider in this country. The brave who fought did it because they believed that “The people in this country are entitled to equitable, affordable quality and universal service in respect of information” – whether they lived in Kakamas or Kingsmead.

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