Moocs and Leapfrog

During the recent Wisehub Innovation Summit in Education, South Africans explored transferability of projects as key to understanding how to prudently design, implement and evaluate projects for learning within formal and informal education.

What happens in the rest of the world often influences the agenda and priorities for education in South Africa and the conference cautioned against a blanket adoption of projects without careful scrutiny. Naturally, a great debt is owed to initiatives in Europe, US and Asia, in particular that chart the course and in many unchartered avenues within education and learning. In a way, one is therefore quite thankful for the mistakes they make, the lessons they learn and the modifications they introduce to innovative solutions for learning needs.

One such field is on the European agenda today at the WOW! Europe Embraces Moocs conference in Rome, ITALY.


There should be a keen set of eyes and ears on and toward these developments as they aid that careful scrutiny needed in order to find workable leads for innovation in education in South Africa. A chance to  especially when listening to   would enable us to collaborate wisely with our global partners in addressing the pressing educational and learning needs we all face.

Next time we, from the so-called South, could chart the course for innovation in education and allow others to leapfrog.

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