Higher Drop-Out Rate Needed in South Africa after Matric Results

whiningparadigm blackboard

We have a whining paradigm in South Africa – we whine as a way of life. The scribes who will populate social networks with their one-sided and sometimes insensitive outcry at the 2014 Matric results will once again, as recent tradition goes, do it like a mongering pack of whiners.

I would like to challenge the whiners who are quick to point out that from the 100 who started Grade 1 in 2003 only 48 wrote the Matric exam. Exactly what did you personally do, in your home, in your neighbourhood and in your families, since  6 January 2014 to make a difference? Because, as I can remember, you quoted the same chapter and verse then when the 2013 Results were published.

Shift this #whiningparadigm now!

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