Sweden’s Department of Education refuses applications for 28 new charter schools

Friskolekoncernen Thorengruppen får avslag på alla sina ansökningar om att utöka och öppna nya skolor. Skolinspektionen misstänker att företaget lämnat in falska uppgifter. Bland annat hävdar…

Source: www.dn.se

Sweden’s Department of Education put an effective stop to 28 Charter schools applications because they believed that the company, The Thoren Group, fiddled with the numbers in order to comply with state regulations.


Sweden decentralized public education many years ago and it opened the door for private concerns to step in and help meet the needs for quality education. Subject to meeting certain conditions, individuals and/or companies can apply for start funding to start a school. In fact, the Swedish government has, since 1992, allocated the same amount of money, per student, to private concerns to start and manage schools in the country, a they do for public school.


It is not an entirely problem-free solution, but it is certain that the country would have been in big dilemma if it did not fund entrepreneurial initiatives to meet the demands in education in Sweden.


What is powerfully meaningful in this particular case, is that the state’s quality control measures trumped the notions that government would rubber stamp applications that “look” good. In fact, evidence abounds that the Swedish Department of Education does remain committed to a series of sound checks and balances – all, thankfully aimed at protecting quality education.

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