Doc prescribes 4-day working week – IOL Lifestyle |


While this article attempts to strike a balance between working hard and hardly working, it is based on an archaic and waning paradigm – clocking in and clocking out. It is more important to have healthy life patterns that is good for work than “a working pattern that is good for your health.”

Maybe the German/UK comparison reveals just that – some live and work smart.

Western thinking ignores its own prophets in the voices of William Bridges (Jobshift, 1995), Charles Handy (Age of Unreason, 1990) and Jeremy Rifkin (The End of Work: The Decline of the Global Labor Force…1996) evidenced through reform recommendations that omits shifts within life and work.

I bet that John Ashton would have had to push plenty of hours to arrive at the conclusions of his research. That said, the connection between stress and work is rather deep insight into the obvious.

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