How to Read Piketty


Any attempt to make any sense out of the furor around the claims made in Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-first Century, must first navigate through the maze of blog posts, columnists, political commentators and a plethora of online and offline news media.

If, and only if distribution of wealth is important to a reader, and a desire exists to understand its nuances and make a difference, the level of one’s reading skills will be sorely tested on today’s information highway.

If we use the late Mortimer Jerome Adler’s 4 levels of reading (skimming, inspectional, analytical and comparative) as a yardstick, then the highest level, comparative, will need to be employed in order to make sense out of the criticisms leveled at Thomas Piketty.

Is he wrong?

How does he respond to those who accuse him of deceit?

Are those who say he is wrong, wrong?


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