“Now I know” not enough

If you travel from Rome, ITALY to Birmingham, UK in the middle of August, one of the first things you’d check (just like I did) is the weather.

“Best you take an umbrella with you,” came the prudent suggestion from my wife after she looked at the prognosis. I proceeded to pack – everything except the brolly.

Upon disembarking in Birmingham, I saw an older man walking in front of me – prepared for Birmingham – brolly and all!

Some people look at the weather, soak in the information, process it in such a way that it modifies the packing list for the journey. Not only do they construct the new list based on the new information, but they actually pack the new items – in many cases, upon the wise advice of their spouses.

Other people, read the prognosis, understand it fully and even receive caring counsel on what natural steps should follow. But they do nothing.

So When the rain came down in Birmingham (title of my new book), I was found wanting and wet.

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