1st World Problem – Torn between a Hobby and Psychology

A young Swede is getting big publicity for turning his lego-building hobby into a promising employment enterprise. After 12 years of basic schooling plus three years of Higher education, where he studied Psychology, he returned to a hobby that finds appeal in a market who is willing to spend thousands of Swedish crowns for  “exhibition of models”.

The article points out that the young Gabriel Bremler plans to return to studies soon and continue to drain hard-earned tax money – the prime source of Education funding in Sweden. He is still 2 years short of completing his studies.

Young people who are occupied with trivialities like building a 2m lego model of the Turning Torso  or a model of the new flexible concept in using office space represents, for me, a pathetic occupation with solving #FirstWorldProblems insensitively oblivious of real problems in the world.

Sure, the conscience is lulled by the delicately soothing assurance that an auction of the Turning Torso fetched about SEK 60 000 ($9000) in support of BRIS (Swedish Children’s Rights Organization) – as if an auction is needed to dig into your pocket and give to those who need help.

“Oroande Utveckling” as we call it in Sweden.


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