Open Letter lays down Gauntlet for White South Africans

Some open letters break a trend, like the one by Gillian Schutte – a South African with a powerfully polarizing resumè – if such a thing exists. The trend she breaks, in my view, is a welcoming commitment to a palatable choice of language to tackle an issue of monstrous proportions. Thank you Gillian for letting me see the ugly side of a broken society in your well-crafted gauntlet without resorting to vulgarity.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter lays down Gauntlet for White South Africans

  1. I’ve seen this over and over again. Whenever someone has done or said something extraordinary bad against government institutions (or anyone) they realize how open they are to litigation and the consequences thereof that they would go and blog on almost every possible forum or site to protect themselves. Writing the absolute complete opposite of what they have done or said just to protect themselves for things that they have said or done. Now claiming how good these people or institutions are and what we must not do (or the things she has done) and how to support these organisations. This article of Gillian Schutte is full of it.

    I think especially the part where she uses the Lord’s name in vain (Blasphemy) is particularly telling.

    Well good to luck to her.

  2. Schutte’s ‘well-crafted gauntlet without resorting to vulgarity’ you write.. Time you read a few more of her ‘works’, she is very quick with vulgarity. Overall impression: a distastefully devisive fat slut with a huge chip on her shoulder, for whatever reason. Digging up the race card time and time again brings lots of comments on her blogs but people will tire quickly as she censors the replies that put her in her place. Looking at her maiden name (is she too ashamed to write with her married (black) name?) I fear we may even be related, perish the thought!

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