Swedes and Technology

It’s good to have the company of two very able young Swedish students who are with us here in DC. They are spending a week here to improve their language skills and expand their horizons for future learning opportunities. That Swedish education spent so much money in the late 90’s to get broadband to every home provided a platform for competence in technology that we are witnessing in these two young people. My previous lament over this country’s distance to go was shared by my two young Swedish students.

2 thoughts on “Swedes and Technology

  1. I am just so happy to be here, to see the US, you and your familly! About technology, it really helps us in many areas but it has also made us depend on it that makes us wondreable without it. Still, everything comes with both a good and a bad sid so the most inportant thing is to know about the risks so we can deal with them because there is so many things we can improve with it!

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