Skin thins a thick skin

We just saw the movie Skin in Washington DC at the recent Filmfest DC.  Based on the life of Sandra Laing, it is a compelling story from a graveyard of memories in South Africa. We shook our heads during the grim reminders of white stupidity, wiped our tears at the anguish and torment of broken hearts and shattered souls and steadied our hearts in humbled homage to Sandra’s spirit.  Script editor and assistant to the movie Director during the workshops, Sibongile Makhaya, brightened our evening answering questions and responding to comments after the show.

2 thoughts on “Skin thins a thick skin

  1. I’d liked to see that movie and I hope it comes to Sweden on DVD. Kind of cool to have met the director assistent too!
    How did you do that?

  2. What I know, the story about Sandra Laing is heartbreaking. The movie will hopefully teach people about human mistakes. And the editor seams to be cute!

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