Remedy for Reading Ailments

NEWSWEEK of November 26th, 2007, dedicated almost 10 pages to Amazon’s newest idea called KINDLE – an electronic reader.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, seems to be resolute about the need to get more people, especially adults, to read.  The company is prepared to use technology to aid the achievement of this goal.

Bezos is very realistic and understands that an electronic reader will fight a tough battle if it wants to replace what Bezos call, “the smell of glue and ink”.

“Glue and ink” has been in a survival battle for a long while. My Deputy Principal friend at a High School in Cape Town tells me that they face a tough assignment dealing with young people who have deficient reading skills. Some may view his observation as deep insight into the obvious, but he is simply stating a reality that just don’t seem to be going away.

He feels that much more needs to be done in the early stages of a child’s development to cement sound reading habits.

My friend in Cape Town and the Amazon CEO share a common awareness. At the same time they propose varying solutions.

We at Learning Ideas for Life want to come alongside educators like the deputy principal in Cape Town.

Only 10% of South Africans have an internet connection. Bezo’s E-reader may do well for Americans and some European and Asian societies with advanced levels of service in technology. It will do little in South Africa.

That’s why we do what we do. 


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