20 years from Now!

Many years ago I saw a television advertisement for a renowned South African bank.

The first scene showed the viewer a litter of puppies cuddling up to their mother, one of them clearly looking odd.  She fed him and cared for him. Slowly the camera provided a series of images visualizing the growth and development of the dogs.

At one unforgettable moment, the camera pans out, showing a fully matured supremely pedigreed pack of dogs.  One of the “dogs” turned out to be a leopard –  something you could not see when they were young.

The idea?

“We treat all our customers the same, because we never know what they could turn out to be when they’re big!”

We’ve started a work in one of Cape Town’s rural gems, Grabouw and one of Johannesburg’s suburbs, Ennerdale,  and we are looking ahead to when these children will be big – we are in it – for the long haul.

Twenty years from now, we are sure that we’ll witness the wonder of how some of those toddlers at the pre-schools we’ll work with, turned out!

We can hardly wait! But we must wait … and toil hard to make it worth the wait!


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